Foo Me Once, Shame On You: Foo me Twice, Well Alright

by Barbie on January 16, 2012

No matter how you slice it, the Foo Fighters have earned their reputations as the nicest guys in rock n roll. Currently on tour in the US, but heading to Australia later this year, I caught up with them in both Columbus and my hometown of Pittsburgh PA. They threw down a 2 hour and 40 minute set of the loudest, proudest rock from the past 15 years. In a word…EPIC!

Lead singer (as if I have to introduce him), Dave Grohl told me that its like hosting a cocktail party every day at your office. Everyone is there to party and its his job to show them a good time. I can only imagine it being exhausting, but that’s why I’m an Editor, and he’s a Rock Star.

The pre-show warm-up starts in a specially designated dressing room known to the lucky all access crowd as the Rock Box. Out comes a specific brand of whiskey that a friend of Grohl’s makes in his garage. Let’s call it what it is, moonshine. Everyone does a shot to be social, and the stories commence. Grohl can charm the pants off a retired nun and his charismatic antidotes win the day. Tales of childhood mischief, old friends, and mishaps make everyone present feel like they are in cahoots. Ten minutes later, its time for shot number 2.

Roughly 30 minutes before the Foos go on stage they all disappear to prepare. When its go time, its serious business. The Foo Fighters give it all away on the stage every time they mount the stairs. Taking no prisoners, they play the litany of hits that have made them household names. The light show is incredible, as is the computer system running the works. Grohl takes off from the main stage down a 50 ft extension to play for all the folks in the back of the house, and even raises up 15 feet for the folks sitting in God’s armpit. He’s considerate like that, wanting everyone to get what they came for.

After the show its back to the Rock Box for more making merry until the buses roll. Fresh faces show up later in the night. Pittsburgh natives, Justin Sane from Anti-Flag and Alex Peightel from Submachine are spotted, taking me back back, way back to the days of my own mischief, Pittsburgh Punk Rock style. Chris Shiflet tells the story about stopping by the iconic venue, The Electric Banana, back in the days of No Use For A Name. Nate, Pat, Rami and Taylor all hold their own lively tales of this city and others. Its quaint and memorable and you can’t but feel lucky to be in the presence of such talented and genuinely nice guys.

Catch the Foo Fighters in a city near you, while the catching is good. Once this tour ends, I have a feeling it’s going to be a minute until they feel like hosting daily shin-digs at their office.

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